Why custom Engineered Metal Buildings

Today’s custom engineered metal building systems offer an ever-
NorthAugustaFireStation (2)expanding choice of shapes and forms that are indistinguishable from other types of construction. Given that custom engineered metal structures are typically more cost effective quicker to plan and design, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, it pays to take a closer look.

Kirby Building Systems’ in-house staff of professional Engineers result in reduced planning and design time for your unique, functional, custom designed metal building.

Typically custom engineered structures are more cost effective as each individual component is designed for the specific application’s requirements. Each part is custom engineered and produced to minimize cost.

Kirby Building Systems uses only fluoropolymer (Kynar 500) on all exterior finished (painted) building materials. Manufacturers of Kynar 500 offer the longest, most protective warranty of all paint finishes available in the construction industry.
Kirby Building Systems utilizes only zinc-aluminum (Galvalume) finishes on roofing materials. Zinc-aluminum coatings are the premier coatings for roofing material with the best protective warranty available in the construction industry.

Dry-in construction is typically quicker, which allows inside trades to begin their respective installation schedules sooner, resulting in a shorter construction timetable. The end result, the client occupies the new structure in less time.

Future Expansion
Future expansion of custom pre-engineered metal buildings is cost effective. Disruption to existing workflows and traffic patterns is minimized, especially when planned for during the initial design.

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